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Find your inner peace. Our vision is to create the possibility that every business man who is stressed and has a hectic schedule, can return to a state of body and mind in which he feels relaxed with a licensed, insured and professional driver behind the wheel.

Chauffeur Service

We are here for you. We will open the door of your vehicle and our city. We know that your expectations are limitless, that you only want one thing - information! You will receive it ASAP. The latest, honest, important, Serbian information. You are probably asking yourselves why we did not list all those well known adjectives: reliable, experienced, professional, kind and discreet. Is it necessary? No, we are ours. And yours. In our city. And our country. And that is our satisfaction and your safety and security!

Airport transfers

Are we different from others? See for yourself. Firstly, we offer you punctuality, a smile, positive energy, respect and understanding. Of course, and a top-class sedan as well. That goes without saying. And we will take care of the rest later... If necessary... And what else is the picture? Maybe an umbrella, if it is raining outside.

Business Solutions

Simplicity. For an easier understanding and service right on time. Your choice of communication. Planes and trains are often late, but our limousine is not. You can relax because your chauffeur will always be there for you... on time.


You forgot something... You only have a little time left to finish all the preparations. Do not worry, you will accomplish everything. In our limousine with a discreet driver, your privacy will be respected.

Your destinations

Long planned or maybe sudden? Completely unexpected? A trip down memory lane or a path to create new dreams? We will arrive there whenever you want.

Long distance driving

You are tired of waiting at airports, delays, canceled flights, lost luggage and who knows what else? Your limousine will take you to your desired European destination on time. Without stress, nervousness and crowd. With comfort and relaxation. Directly to your desired address.

Discover new pleasures

Individual approach and exclusive benefits for our clients
who know how to enjoy.

MiOS Rent-a-car

Don't settle for nothing but the best. Rent a high class limo's like Jaguar I-PACE, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, V-Class or Skoda Superb. Enjoy every mile of your ride. Contact us for more details.



Mios Limo Service

Partizanske avijacije 10b / 11070 Novi Beograd
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